Beazley is dedicated to attracting diverse talent, building multi-disciplinary teams, and creating an inclusive culture that will support its success now and in the future.

The insurer offers its employees a wide array of online learning courses, including technical and softer skills, as well as team trainings on topics such as managing bias, management, and presentation skills. When it comes to career progression, not only does Beazley allow staff to apply for roles internally, it also offers them international opportunities to work on other Beazley offices.

At Beazley, employees also get to choose about how, when, and where they work. They are also equipped with all the required technology resources to ensure consistent stable communications with brokers and clients as well as the flexibility to work wherever they need.

Health and wellbeing are of utmost importance at Beazley. It has ongoing wellbeing programmes on four areas – physical, mental, financial, and social. It also offers an annual gym allowance for all employees to encourage work-life balance and healthy living.

Beazley offers its staff with a competitive performance-based compensation and benefits package, including a three-month sabbatical upon completion of 10 years of service and medical coverage that is also extended to their dependents/family. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, when staff had been forced to work from home, Beazley was able to keep and support all its staff and not make any salary cuts.

Beazley has an annual group-wide ‘Beazley Awards’ to recognise employees once a year across three categories – service, curiosity delivered, and giving back.