Steve Hatton, Political Violence & Contingency Underwriter

Steve Hatton, Political Violence & Contingency Underwriter

Political Violence & Contingency Underwriter


Age: 32

Since joining Beazley in February 2018, Steve Hatton has been, in the words of his manager, “outstanding”. His passion and expertise within his particular niche of insurance is also described as “second to none”.

Hatton leads the underwriting of Beazley's Political Violence practice for the Asia Pacific region, serving as great role model within the Beazley team and the wider Singapore/APAC (re)insurance market. Besides being an excellent underwriter, his knowledge of the wider Beazley ecosystem, his understanding of the diverse cultures of the region, and his outgoing character allow him to strongly contribute to the growth, development and reputation of the company.

With more than ten years of experience as a broker, since arriving at Beazley in February 2018, Hatton has grown his underwriting expertise and is now working on developing new, innovative and localised solutions for the Asia Pacific market. Bold, collaborative and an expert in his field, Hatton embraces the cultural landscape and diversity of the wider Asia-Pacific region.  Hatton’s work ethic motivates those around him, and his enthusiasm to create innovative solutions for his clients is infectious.