Professional Indemnity

offered by Ansvar Insurance Ltd
  • Line Of Business

    • Business
  • Max Coverage

    AUD 25M
  • Locations Served

    • All States
  • Who is [Professional Indemnity] intended for?

    • predecessors in business
    • principals, partners or directors
    • employees (including trainee, volunteer, casual, part-time, seasonal, temporary and work experience personnel)
    • former principals, partners, directors or employees 
    • consultants, sub-contractors or agents 
    • estates, heirs or legal assigns
    • consultants, sub-contractors or agents (who work under your direct control and supervision)
    • spousal liabilities
    • newly created / acquired subsidiaries (for up to 30 days)
    • past subsidiary organisations
  • What will [Professional Indemnity] cover you for?

    • Defamation
    • Legal Expenses
    • Professional Liability