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Compare 153 products offered for Crime Insurance from 59 companies including Breeze Underwriting (Aust) Pty Ltd, Axis Underwriting Services Pty Ltd, and Genesis Underwriting Pty Ltd.

Our Insurance Comparison Tool allows you to pick the best Crime Liability policy by comparing every plan offered by Canada's leading insurance providers. The Frequently Asked Questions can help you see if this coverage area is right for you.

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Product name Max Coverage Min Premium Exclusions
Commercial Crime by Chubb Insurance Australia Ltd Max Coverage N/A Min Premium N/A

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Crime Protection by DUAL Australia Pty Ltd Max Coverage AUD20M Min Premium N/A
  • armoured motor vehicles
  • casinos
  • currency exchange bureaux
  • jewellers
  • racetracks
  • unincorporated entities

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Gold Complete - Crime Protection (Commercial Institutions) by AIG Australia Ltd Max Coverage N/A Min Premium N/A

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Comprehensive Crime by AIG Australia Ltd Max Coverage AUD1M Min Premium N/A
  • authorised access
  • consequential loss
  • loss discovered outside the policy period
  • safe deposit contents
  • travellers cheques

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Commercial Crime by AXA XL Max Coverage N/A Min Premium N/A

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Commercial Crime by Nova Underwriting Pty Ltd Max Coverage AUD5M Min Premium N/A

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Financial Institutions - Crime by QBE Insurance (Australia) Ltd Max Coverage N/A Min Premium N/A
  • ATMs
  • authorised access to the customer’s authentication mechanism
  • carrier for hire
  • consequential loss
  • credit cards
  • erroneous entries
  • error in teller’s cash
  • insolvency
  • loan defaults
  • safe deposit boxes
  • travellers cheques

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Commercial Crime by Zurich Financial Services Australia Ltd Max Coverage N/A Min Premium N/A
  • consequential loss
  • intellectual property
  • kidnap and ransom
  • trade secrets

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Personal Cyber by Emergence Insurance Pty Ltd Max Coverage AUD1M Min Premium AUD99

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PrivateEdge by AIG Australia Ltd Max Coverage AUD10M Min Premium N/A
  • fraud or dishonesty (upon final adjudication)
  • pending or prior claims / litigations

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is Crime Insurance?

Also known as Commercial Crime, Employee Dishonesty or Employee Infidelity, Crime insurance covers businesses and organizations from financial losses incurred from various acts of theft, forgery, and fraudulent activities.

Additionally, Crime insurance can also provide protection in the event of a non-material loss that cannot be replaced – confidential business information, or records stored on a stolen business computer.

Who Needs Crime Insurance?

Any company that has employees handling confidential and financial information should purchase Crime insurance, especially as criminal acts from employees, vendors or third parties are not necessarily covered by a Commercial General Liability insurance policy.

While a business of any size would benefit from a Crime insurance policy, small businesses are particularly at risk as they may lack the security and resources of larger firms.

What Does Crime Insurance Cover?

Crime insurance provides cover for employee fraud, dishonesty and fraudulent acts committed by third parties.

Particular fraudulent acts covered include
  • employee theft and/or dishonesty
  • theft of clients’ property
  • vendor theft
  • forgery and/or alterations
  • money and securities
  • counterfeit currency
  • identity fraud
  • telephone toll fraud
  • social engineering
  • third party computer and funds transfer fraud
  • payments of loss investigation fees

What Is Not Included In Crime Insurance?

Unlike most other insurance policies, Crime insurance is designed to cover gaps such as intentional and illegal acts – as long as they are performed by an employee of the company in a financial capacity and not the policyholder.

In the context of Crime insurance, ‘crime’ refers to theft and forgery, rather than workplace acts of violence. Some Crime insurance packages may include things such as Kidnap and Ransom, but generally non-material losses caused by external events like war or destruction by the authorities are not included.

How Much Does Crime Insurance Cost?

A Crime insurance policy will be calculated depending on the following:
  • size of the company
  • number of employees
  • company revenue
  • security systems
  • valuable contents

A fidelity bond to cover a criminal act will be determined by how much a company can afford to lose.

We spoke to Patrick Bourk, National Practice Leader at Integro, about when it would be appropriate for a company to have a stand-alone Crime package.