Atradius news

  • Credit insurance can boost overseas expansion, Atradius

    A leading international insurance firm has stressed the important role insurance plays in international expansion as more Australian businesses look to continue their growth overseas

  • Major insolvencies present broker opportunity

    As recent insolvencies involving major brands such as Dick Smith continue to grab headlines, trade credit insurance is more important than ever for a wide range of clients. We spoke with Mark Hoppe, managing director of Atradius ANZ, about what brokers need to know when it comes to selling trade credit cover.

  • Key cover sees ‘significant increase’

    A key insurance cover has seen a significant increase in uptake over the last six months as an industry leader notes three reasons for the change

  • Specialist market expecting big 2016

    A specialist insurance market could be poised for a big 2016 thanks to a number of pressing issues which could help brokers boost business.

  • Trade credit cover on the rise

    An interesting twelve months for Australia's trade industries has seen a huge upswing in desire for cover. We spoke to Mark Hoppe, Managing Director Australia and New Zealand at Atradius about the increased demand.

  • Insurer reveals gaps in credit insurance market

    A leading insurer has revealed which companies suffer when it comes to one, often overlooked, aspect of cover which could provide brokers with more business.

  • Demystifying trade credit insurance

    Trade credit insurance is one of the more misunderstood aspects of commercial insurance, we spoke with Mark Hoppe, managing director of Atradius, who explained the nuances of this sometimes complex coverage and why brokers and clients can benefit from trade credit insurance.

  • Five Minutes With…Mark Hoppe, managing director, Atradius

    Mark Hoppe, managing director, Atradius, talks about challenges in credit insurance, cutting stamp duty and Frank Sinatra.

  • ​A Perfect Time to Buy

    Complexity and hassle is holding trade credit insurance sales back for brokers, but Kirk Cheesman says clients could be the ones losing out

  • Multimillion dollar legal battle highlights policy disclosure problems

    A multimillion dollar legal battle between an insurer and insured as flagged up issues such as disclosure and the role brokers can play in mitigating disputes.