IAG news


  • Ben Bessell: Staying broker-focused

    “At the end of the day we can kid ourselves and say we’re improving, but whether we’re improving or not will be determined by our partners” Ben Bessell, chief executive, IAG Commercial Insurance

  • Doing disasters better

    As natural catastrophes continue to make headlines across the country, what can the insurance industry and other interested parties do better when it comes to disasters?

  • Insurance drones have lift off

    In an Australian first, IAG recently used drones to assess bushfire-caused property damage. How significant are the benefits and what is the future for commercial drone use in and outside insurance?

  • Averting Tragedy

    How should the Australian insurance industry and the businesses it serves prepare for the potential impacts of climate change?

  • Accessing Asia

    Asian markets offer increasingly attractive prospects for Australian businesses. Insurance Business examines some of the key developments in the region and the pros and cons of making the move

  • Google eyed

    Over the past decade, the multinational technology behemoth has changed the world. How much noise will Google make in the insurance space?

  • Catastrophe declared in wake of storms

    Storms that tore through parts of Queensland and New South Wales, including parts of Sydney, have officially been declared a catastrophe as the first estimate of insured losses has been released

  • $7 million claim remains in limbo

    An 18-month-old insurance claim has yet to reach a resolution on what happened to the missing mine site plant at the Sino Iron project in 2013