Insurance Council of Australia news

  • Doing disasters better

    As natural catastrophes continue to make headlines across the country, what can the insurance industry and other interested parties do better when it comes to disasters?

  • Insurance drones have lift off

    In an Australian first, IAG recently used drones to assess bushfire-caused property damage. How significant are the benefits and what is the future for commercial drone use in and outside insurance?

  • Protecting the harvest

    Underinsurance and non-insurance of agricultural crops remains a prevalent issue in rural Australia. What’s the solution?

  • Clarifying the clarification

    Unauthorised foreign insurers have been a hot topic in Australia since a government announcement late last year. Is there genuine cause for concern over the proposal or is it a matter of wait and see?

  • Taxes and taskforces

    Assistant treasurer Josh Frydenberg talks to Tim Garratt about Northern Australia, risk mitigation funding and stamp duty

  • Catastrophe declared in wake of storms

    Storms that tore through parts of Queensland and New South Wales, including parts of Sydney, have officially been declared a catastrophe as the first estimate of insured losses has been released

  • Australia set to slip in insurance growth ranks

    An insurance commentator says a report predicting global insurance growth will be driven by emerging markets, provides opportunities for Australian insurance companies seeking to expand their overseas presence