Sedgwick : Everything you need to know

Sedgwick: Everything you need to know
Founded: 1969
Employees: 21,000
Countries: 65
Locations: 900+
Leadership: David North, President & CEO

Sedgwick may have been established as a regional claims administrator in 1969, but it has since grown into a global provider of technology-enabled risk, benefits, and integrated business solutions, with 21,000 employees spread across 65 countries. The company’s solutions span from casualty risk to benefits, and property and loss adjusting to marine claims, alongside offering innovative technology platforms and global expertise in areas such as workers’ compensation, liability, property, disability, and absence management.

Sedgwick also has several wholly-owned subsidiary companies that are specialty service providers. These include:

  • CompManagement, which offers Ohio employers workers’ compensation claims administration, alternative rating program consultation, web-enabled data management, and consulting services, along with CompManagement Health Systems, an Ohio workers’ compensation managed care organisation
  • EFI Global, an engineering, fire investigation, environmental, health and safety, and specialty consulting services firm
  • The Sedgwick Institute, the company’s incubator for advancing conversations on key topics affecting industry stakeholders
  • Vale Training, which provides training to US professionals in insurance, auto repair, construction, green risk, and claims
  • WeatherNet, which specialises in supplying online weather applications, weather data sets, weather reports, consulting and advice, and is based in the UK

Sedgwick in the news
December 2017: Sedgwick announces that it will acquire Cunningham Lindsey
April 2018: The acquisition of Cunningham Lindsey is officially completed, and Sedgwick picks up close to 6,000 Cunningham Lindsey colleagues from across 65 countries
March 2019: Sedgwick announces the appointment of Jane Tutoki as an independent member of its board of directors –  the first woman to be named to the company’s board
May 2019: Sedgwick launches an expanded portfolio of catastrophe solutions, featuring enhancements that improve the experience for both insurers and their customers

Key people as of 2019
David North – President and CEO

North has served as the leader of Sedgwick for more than 20 years. Under his leadership, the company has grown from a boutique, regional third-party claims administrator to a global provider of innovative business solutions in the areas of workers’ compensation, disability, absence management, property loss adjusting and more. North is a frequent keynote speaker at national and industry events. He has been recognised with several awards, including the 2018 CLM Lifetime Achievement Award, and co-authored the book The Art of Self-Insurance.

In 2016, North was appointed by Tennessee governor Bill Haslam to serve on The University of Memphis’ newly chartered board of trustees; he previously served on the university’s board of visitors and concurrently serves on the foundation board and the president’s innovation board.

Major companies in the insurance sector often have social responsibility and community giving goals. Sedgwick, for example, partners with and contributes to organisations that provide sustainable solutions for the social, health, and educational needs of its communities.

“We embrace and encourage every office – and we have nearly 900 of them around the planet – that each of them in their own community with the make-up of their workforce, whether they’re a small office or a large office, whatever they want to get engaged in in their community, they should do that,” said North. “We should encourage that, and provide our financial resources and our commitment to allow people to have the time to devote to things that they care about as individuals – that to me is the power of our charitable intent.”

In Phoenix, the company has provided support to the Children’s Hospital, while in Memphis, where Sedgwick is headquartered, the company does a lot of work with Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. North was also asked to sit on the Board of Trustees for the University of Memphis, besides Sedgwick’s other involvements with education, such as the sponsoring of that university’s Finish Line Program, which helps students who had to abandon their college degrees get over the ‘finish line.’

Sedgwick : In the news