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  • Averting Tragedy

    How should the Australian insurance industry and the businesses it serves prepare for the potential impacts of climate change?

  • Google eyed

    Over the past decade, the multinational technology behemoth has changed the world. How much noise will Google make in the insurance space?

  • Proponent of Change

    From underwriting to actuarial work, Austagencies’ general manager of distribution and analysis, Alex Green, has enjoyed a vastly varied career in insurance. He recently shared with Insurance Business his insights into the industry and some of the major challenges it faces

  • Catastrophe declared in wake of storms

    Storms that tore through parts of Queensland and New South Wales, including parts of Sydney, have officially been declared a catastrophe as the first estimate of insured losses has been released

  • Aussie insurer Suncorp backs financial inclusion

    A leading Australian insurer has been named as one of 11 trailblazing companies taking part in a national effort to help 3 million Australians facing significant economic and social hardship