IB 3.03

IB 3.03 | Insurance Business

IB 3.03

Brokers on Insurers 2014
The industry’s top insurers revealed, ranked and rated

THE BIG INTERVIEW: Warren Hutcheon
Ansvar’s new CEO on mixing philanthropy with business

Analysis: Roads less travelled
Unrest, terrorism and coverage with travel insurance

Going coastal: Westlawn
An inside look at one brokerage’s regional approach

Bricks, risk and mortar
Inside the heads of the industry’s property gurus

The penalty savers
Sportscover’s David Lamb explains the risks involved in Brazil’s FIFA World Cup

The legal view: D&O
Wotton + Kearney partner Patrick Boardman sheds light on the fast-changing D&O market

Trade credit
Kirk Cheesman charts why now is the perfect time to buy

Insights from Aon’s 12th Australasian Risk Survey

Social life
The ICA’s annual dinner, Austbrokers’ conference, Vero and the Lions

The last word 
Darren Trott: Why a delegated claims settlement authorities are a ‘no-brainer’