• COVID-19 sparks E&O concerns

    24 Jul 2020

    As the insurance industry reckons with the full impact of the coronavirus pandemic, could brokers find themselves exposed to litigation?

  • M&A plays the long game

    29 May 2020

    After confirmation of the Aon-Willis Towers Watson mega-merger in March, expectations for further insurance M&As are high. But how will future deals be affected by the coronavirus pandemic?

  • Fuelling climate change action

    3 Apr 2020

    In an effort to combat climate change, global insurers are increasingly taking a stand against coal in both their investments and underwriting policies

  • What brokers want – and fear

    10 Feb 2020

    From embracing data to adopting customer-facing tools, insurance brokers are largely changing with the times – but there are still a few areas where they’re reluctant to get on board

  • Change comes to Lloyd’s

    12 Nov 2019

    In the midst of the many challenges that have plagued the London market, will a new modernisation strategy at Lloyd’s help to revitalise the global centre of insurance?

  • Brokerage growth spurt

    20 Sep 2019

    The Big Four brokerages all performed well in the second quarter of 2019. IB takes a closer look to find out what’s driving the rosy results

  • Digital Upheaval

    26 Jul 2019

    Taking the first step on an often multi-year path toward digital transformation pays off in the end – but for each insurance company, that journey will look a little different

  • Cyber meets executive risk

    17 Jun 2019

    Whether it’s from M&A activity or a rise in regulation, boards and C suites are more exposed than ever to cyber fallout

  • What’s next for blockchain?

    10 May 2019

    While parts of the insurance industry are experimenting with the technology, the hype around blockchain and the necessity of collaboration has slowed widespread adoption