• Stress-testing supply chains

    22 May 2021

    Where do supply chains stand now, and how can insurance companies support their manufacturing clients?

  • The dark side of social media

    5 Feb 2021

    Almost half of the world's population is now using social media – but the plethora of personal data being shared on these platforms is leaving directors and officers exposed to potential fraud

  • Insuring geopolitical instability

    4 Feb 2021

    Between trade war threats, civil unrest and divergent responses to COVID-19, the global geopolitical landscape is more uncertain than ever. So how are insurers approaching political risk right now?

  • The new space race

    18 Jan 2021

    SpaceX’s recent launch of NASA astronauts has ushered in a new era of space commercialisation – and insurers are rushing to figure out the best way to insure all of the risks involved

  • COVID-19 sparks E&O concerns

    24 Jul 2020

    As the insurance industry reckons with the full impact of the coronavirus pandemic, could brokers find themselves exposed to litigation?

  • M&A plays the long game

    29 May 2020

    After confirmation of the Aon-Willis Towers Watson mega-merger in March, expectations for further insurance M&As are high. But how will future deals be affected by the coronavirus pandemic?

  • Fuelling climate change action

    3 Apr 2020

    In an effort to combat climate change, global insurers are increasingly taking a stand against coal in both their investments and underwriting policies

  • What brokers want – and fear

    10 Feb 2020

    From embracing data to adopting customer-facing tools, insurance brokers are largely changing with the times – but there are still a few areas where they’re reluctant to get on board