Exclusive Features

  • What to change about your business in 2018

    Management consultant Stephen Barnes proposes three New Year’s resolutions you should make for your business

  • Drone rules: Comply before you fly

    Drones are a hot topic in insurance and aviation circles and, as Clyde & Co’s James M Cooper and Jess Harman write, the fast-developing nature of the industry presents challenges for operators, insurers and regulators alike

  • Staying on the road

    Experts provide their insights into the motor fleet market and highlight recent and upcoming legislative changes that should be on the radar

  • Cybersecurity: Why the industry is part of the problem

    At a recent event in Sydney, leaders examined the question of what more the industry itself should be doing in its efforts to address the growing cyber risk

  • The Year Ahead

    With indications that the soft market is finally starting to turn, what’s ahead for general insurance in Australia in 2018? Seven industry leaders share their insights

  • Excelling as a woman in business

    Being a woman in business still brings with it a particular set of challenges, but there are some easily implemented, practical solutions, writes management specialist Karen Gately

  • A spotlight on exclusion clauses

    Recent Federal Court cases show where exclusions in insurance policies may be vulnerable, writes Paul Baxter of law firm Hall & Wilcox

  • Defending the disruptors

    The growing fintech industry brings with it an opportunity for brokers to become trusted risk advisers to disruptive start-ups

  • A challenging outlook for side C cover

    Securities class actions are driving significant change in the D&O liability market. What does that mean for brokers and their clients? Willis Towers Watson’s Tanya Stevenson and Tracy Grant report

  • Cyber in full view

    Before seeking cyber coverage, it’s essential for brokers and clients to have an accurate and complete picture of what requires protection