Exclusive Features

  • Trawling the depths

    Viral pandemics, weather events, international law, changing technology –it’s all in a day's work for marine insurers. Insurance Business sat downwith Nick Rowley of NTI's Marine Protect to find out how the tide isturning for the sector

  • Taking broker tech to new heights

    Technology has been a game-changer, enabling greater efficiency and better client outcomes. But are brokers harnessing its full potential? Insurance Business spoke to Shaun Standfield of Insurance Advisernet to find out

  • Building a better future for strata

    The rental market in Australia is changing – and so is the strata insurance industry. Anne-Maree Paull of CHU Underwriting Agencies tells IB about some of the latest developments in the field

  • Getting event response right

    In the face of disaster, how can insurance companies best respond to clients' needs? IB’s Tom Goodwin caught up with Luke Whenmanfrom Vero Insurance to find out

  • Just what the doctor ordered

    Eric Lowenstein of Tego Insurance tells IB about the significant opportunities for brokers who dedicate themselves to ensuring medical practices and practitioners have the right insurance

  • Claiming the future

    As technology advances, brokerages must keep pace to remain relevant in an ever-changing market. Brian Siemsen of Claim Central Consolidated tells IB how tech can better streamline day-to-day tasks and provide deep insights for brokers

  • Keeping clients out of harm’s way

    Accident and health insurance can be daunting for those who don’t know a lot about the product, but Gallagher Bassett’s Jason Allison tells IB how, with the right support, the field presents considerable opportunities for savvy brokers

  • A more thoughtful approach

    Blend Insurance Solutions CEO Chris Newing tells IB about the company’s approach to working with brokers and how it’s helping to redefine people risk solutions