Exclusive Features

  • How to give feedback effectively

    Are your employees too sensitive to negative feedback, or have you just been delivering it poorly? Aytekin Tank outlines five ways to ensure feedback is well received

  • Busy is not a badge of honour

    Being busy isn’t the same as doing meaningful work. Brian de Haaff explains how to do less of the former and more of the latter

  • Curious leadership

    Rather than having all the answers, good leadership is all about the art of asking the right questions, writes Michelle Gibbings

  • Keep on trucking

    New laws around transport and logistics safety have just taken effect. IB spoke to the experts at NTI to find out what this means for those who insure the sector

  • Updating the specs of cyber insurance

    As cyber attacks ramp up around the world, cyber insurance is becoming more crucial than ever – and insurers are racing to keep up with the latest developments