Exclusive Features

  • Representing opportunity

    Three senior leaders of authorised representative networks discuss what the AR model can offer brokers in Australia in 2017

  • Safe travels

    In this increasingly volatile international political climate, it’s more important than ever for employers to understand terrorism risk when placing coverage for their corporate travellers

  • Incumbent disruption

    Bobby Lehane, CEO of CHU Underwriting Agencies, talks about working to futureproof the business by leading the digital disruption of strata insurance

  • Going for the win

    Gary Pert, CEO of the Collingwood Football Club, talks about building successful business partnerships and driving a high-performance culture

  • Avoiding burnout

    Leadership expert Karen Gately explains the six typical drivers of burnout in business leaders and offers practical tips to help you avoid them

  • A generation set up for failure?

    Much like millennials have changed the way we work, soon they will change the way we lead. However, Hiam Sakakini suggests the old leadership development models will not work for this generation

  • A combination for success

    Paul Ayton, managing director of NAS/Westcourt’s combined authorised broker business, talks to Insurance Business about working to create the country’s best AR network

  • Break from the pack

    How do insurance businesses utilise technology to stand out today and tomorrow? A software solutions provider shares crucial insights

  • Securities class actions causing distress

    The Australian directors and officers insurance market is distressed, and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions is seeking to assist brokers and corporate clients in this challenging area