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Brokers: how to solve our public perception crisis

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Insurance Business | 13 Sep 2012, 12:05 AM Agree 0
Three leading Australian insurance brokers tell Insurance Business how to tackle the public perception problem that insurance brokers are simply not to be trusted…
  • Greg Cochrane MFP INSURANCE BROKERS | 13 Sep 2012, 05:39 PM Agree 0
    We are too often linked to the insurer as in "Which insurer do you work for ? ...or all you insurance guys are the same! , no differation between Life and General or Agents and Reps and no wonder, after all we are not in an "Oh for Joy for Joy" business that people want to take the time to to understand ...its only another bill afterall and like all the others it is just going up and up and why ? and don't the omliners just feed on that "They" just want to make more money! ...little do they know or care .So step in the insurers who blast our TV screens with cheap ,cheap cheap or call life insurance "Funeral Plans".
    If brokers truly want to improve their standing in the professions than we need to move to FEE ONLY..Oh..#### you say and wouldn't insurers just love that! we are not ready to take on that battle just yet ..It is s not the can of worms we need to open right now but we will have to do one day soon.
    The perception problem we can all do something about now and by all I mean insurers and brokers and industry bodies alike is to correct the insurer's tarnished image that we as brokers have had to run off the back of. It is not about changing opinions of the current generation, the damage has been done.

    Let us really get to nitty gritty and address the industries "Social Responsibility" for future generations.
    Every parents worst nightmare is that late night phone call from the police about a tragic car accident which changes our life and and many others forever. Our society has got so used to every day bad news that we just accept the rod tolls, horrific as they are,(not to mention the maimed and injured and the associated costs) as a normal day today risk of living.
    Thats Ok for we are now a society that is consumed with safety and risk minimiseation to the point that we are fear driven and the insurance industry knows this well .. but lets not forget here who are the risk management specialists...US !
    What if our industry could change that?
    what if every schools principal interview was "we undertake to educate your child in the Life skill of driving and our vision is that no children from our school will ever be a road toll statistic be it a lost life or destoyed and wasted one" good would you feel about that kind of committment...
    So, to make it happen we nees "alL" the indistry players to join together to make this difference and lets not forget what this will ultimately mean to motor insurance premiums claims costs, profits.
    Imagine a school carriculum that had as a compulsoy subject "Life skill - driving". when you think about all the sciences and disaplines that are related ...and opportunities and confidence that come from understanding for example how a car works...what makes those wheels go round and round? what happens when I put that petrol stuff in that hole in the back of the car, what is that thing under the bonnet?.Lets learn abouut the physics of speed and distance , the biology of driving positions, use of peripheral vision, fatigue effects...and chemistry,the effects of drugs ,prescription or otherwise,alcohol and the list goes on ...Driving is the single most important life skill we can ever learn but we take it for granted, no we take it as our god given right ,just like the Americans right to bear arms ..and the consequences are much the same. There is a myriad of learnings to be had from our past but with it comes career opportunities . So apart from getting the influence of Federal Govt to introduce this as a compulsory subject in every school to a point where that school passes the student for a licence, (after all who is best to judge to whether a student is ready than a teacher who has spent all that time teaching them ..mind you, after they too have been trained)
    So what can we do ? How about we be proactive for once in our long corporate lives of being reactive and lets be the sponsor for all the defensive and advanced driving claesse that will be essential for this initiative to succeed , how about the awareness program that "we" are doing something for the our kids and their kids, something to be proud of and something our industry will be forever respected for, generation after generation.
    Imagine than what the percerption would be of our Insurers and for all of us that work in this great industry of ours that so many of us have devoted ttheir working lives to

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