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Insurance Business | 15 May 2013, 12:00 AM Agree 0
Industry blasts the government’s obsession with big business tax practices and warns that cashflow problems could be the result.
  • SGA | 15 May 2013, 02:49 PM Agree 0
    What a load of rubbish. Why should SME's face a different tax regime?

    How about this for an idea. What about an SME actually being successful. Standing upon their own feet to create wealth for themselves and their employees?

    It's called being entrepreneurial

    When SME's start asking for welfare we know that the handout mentality is going too far.

    Yes, we should listen to Joe Hockey, and his speech about the end of the age of entitlement...
  • GAS | 16 May 2013, 11:10 AM Agree 0
    Individuals are taxed at different rates based on their capacity to earn, why not businesses?
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