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Insurance Business | 10 May 2013, 12:00 AM Agree 0
Far Out Friday: In an excerpt from the July 1943 edition of a publication called Transportation Magazine, male supervisors received some useful advice about managing women in the workplace.
  • woman in insurance | 10 May 2013, 11:39 AM Agree 0
    Really??? What is the purpose if this article and making reference to an article from 1943 without mentioning that clearly the comments and "Tips" are not relevant in this day and age. Confused by this....
  • Insurance Female | 10 May 2013, 12:02 PM Agree 0
    I totally agree with the above comment!
  • Men in insurance | 10 May 2013, 12:03 PM Agree 0
    Sound relevant to me :)
  • Men in insurance | 10 May 2013, 01:56 PM Agree 0
    looks pretty spot on to me lol
  • Power Broker (who also happens to be female) | 13 May 2013, 11:33 AM Agree 0
    Unfortunately, there are some people who still believe this is the way to "manage" women in the workplace.
  • Marj | 13 May 2013, 12:10 PM Agree 0
    Come on guys if you could all do the work there wouldn't be any need for us "poor" women to dohte jobs
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