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Insurance Business | 12 May 2016, 09:00 AM Agree 0
According to a new survey, insurance brokers languish near the bottom of the most trusted professions – only four places ahead of car salesmen.
  • Laurie Feather | 17 May 2016, 05:43 PM Agree 0
    I thought I had commented previously in relation to this article but it must not have transcribed.

    General Insurance Brokers will be surprised and exceedingly disappointed with the result of this survey.
    Firstly it is important to know the cross section of people surveyed and the questions asked.
    Was the focus on General Insurance Brokers, Insurance Agents, Life Assurance Brokers or purely General Insurance Brokers.
    Despite the efforts of NIBA and industry bodies to differentiate between Brokers and Agents, the message just hasn't got through.
    This so called result isn't helpful as General Insurance Brokers not only strive but are compelled through the Regulator to provide a professional service to buyers of insurance, whether retail or Wholesale products.
    I would have thought the greatest criticism would be of insurers, particularly those who offer placements on line and consider that what they lose out the back door, they gain through the front door through advertising.
    I cant think of a single General insurance Broker who is not dedicated to his or her clients,
    Their very viability depends on the level of professional service they provide.
    This is no more evident when a claim arises.
    General insurance brokers place and manage Billions of dollars of premium, not only that, they are required to demonstrate at each renewal that they are worthy of the continuation of their appointment.
    With all due respect to those who conducted the Morgan Pole, their results do not reflect the dedicated role that General insurance Brokers provide.
    In the interest of all General Insurance Brokers, this finding needs to be challenged.
    Laurie Feather
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