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Insurance Business | 03 Feb 2015, 08:09 AM Agree 0
Broker execs have flown to Christchurch to deal with a very public display of affection involving two of its workers.
  • Scott | 03 Feb 2015, 09:57 AM Agree 0
    Marsh have always been known for its strong team building culture..
  • Ann Kerr | 03 Feb 2015, 10:46 AM Agree 0
    I think the serious issue hear is the voyaristic behaviour of the patron's of the tavern. Filming
    this and up loading it on social media. If I was one of the couple, I would be consulting my lawyer about what legal recourse is available to me e.g. under the cyber bullying act.
    This employment issue (if it is one) should be dealt with privately by the employer.
  • Adrian Hughes | 03 Feb 2015, 11:42 AM Agree 0
    Absolutely agree Ann people should just learn to mind their bee wax what is NZ becoming a place where amiture paparazzi lam brownie points for posting secretly obtained videos of social media
    really people get your own life
  • Fred Scuttle | 03 Feb 2015, 03:17 PM Agree 0
    This happens in my office all the time. Unfortunately I work in a one-person office.
  • Voyeur | 04 Feb 2015, 08:53 PM Agree 0
    They're in trouble, not for the romp, but for being caught. Totally stupid. Every saint has a past. Every sinner has a future.
  • Anthony Scuttles | 05 Feb 2015, 03:32 AM Agree 0
    I wonder what he said to his wife when he got home late from work. And what she said to her recent fiancé when she got home late from work. People who are untrustworthy and dishonest with their partners are just as untrustworthy and dishonest in business. Their firm would be well advised to fire them. And their partners to divorce them (and they have ample proof for cause now).
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