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Insurance Business | 19 Sep 2013, 12:00 AM Agree 0
Ever seen the repair quote that magically increases once the word ‘insurance’ is mentioned? Darren Trott argues that ‘insurance premium’ needs to be eradicated once and for all.
  • Gary Everdell | 19 Sep 2013, 10:16 AM Agree 0
    I tend to agree with the sentiments and certainly as a Broker have had some of my clients take the view that its "fair game" to get a "bit back" from an Insurer. My view is that the clienst who take this view have no real concept of teh fact that they are actually robbing themselves.
    Again its another case of the Industry needing to keep up the media issues of how these approachs by a small number effects us all.
  • Dean McCauley | 19 Sep 2013, 11:39 AM Agree 0
    I agree with Darren's sentiments too as well as the example illustrated by Gary. What I don't understand is, is why do the public hear very little from the ICA? Outside the industry, the only time I hear about the ICA in media circles is when someone is being interviewed over a particular natural disaster that has just occurred. The ICA website states that they are the representative body of the general insurance industry in Australia. If this is the case why are they not running awareness campaigns with TV advertisements trying to educate the public on issues such as this and other major issues facing the industry such as under insurance. The amount of clients that I have spoken to over the years who don't have the foggiest about the average clause is astounding despite the clause existing in every general insurance contract that covers property. They just want to insure for the amount they still owe on their property and it is only through me explaining it to them they get the picture. I will continue to do this but it would sure be a lot easier if there was some form of awareness campaign going on by the powers to be.
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