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Insurance Business | 23 Jun 2014, 08:17 AM Agree 0
Two new research papers produced by an insurer that examine global flood resilience have drawn on calls for a renewed focus on prevention and mitigation from that company’s group CEO.
  • Jelenko Dragisic | 24 Jun 2014, 05:33 PM Agree 0
    Well done by sharing that kind of critical information about the disparity between what we tend to invest upfront vs the recovery cost. The shift toward resilience approach which is about ensuring that business, city, community, regions etc can continue to grow after a disaster is far more likely to achieve balanced, sustainable and above all resilient society. The unfortunate fact is that public at large is not well informed about the way things work. Most people still remain critically unprepared to deal with disasters let alone be able to exploit that kind of disruption for growth and then thrive. Recovery work tends to be a little bit of 'repair' while in fact it should be far more than that. Business community such as insurance industry must apply broader pressure on policy makers who are well aware of those facts but remain largely wilfully lethargic. That is simply not sustainable for business, community and society (anywhere in the world) at large.
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