OAMPS teams up with CGU on new hospitality facility

OAMPS teams up with CGU on new hospitality facility | Insurance Business

OAMPS teams up with CGU on new hospitality facility

OAMPS has partnered up with CGU to launch a new restaurant and catering insurance scheme.

OAMPS, the endorsed insurance brokers for Restaurant & Catering Association Australia, will provide members in the restaurant & catering industries.

OAMPS has been writing hospitality business with CGU for more than seven years. Due to their "fruitful relationship", CGU approached OAMPS to formalise their partnership in this new restaurant scheme nationally.

Meg Long, OAMPS national manager for affinity and insurer relationships said: “There have been a number of new restaurant schemes over the past five years with well under market rates that prove not to be sustainable."

Long said while OAMPS' rates were competitive, the broker was not under market to ensure longevity for the scheme.

She added: "We have clear eligibility criteria guidelines to manage the types of risks we put into the facility to safeguard its durability. Our program provides our clients with the benefit of brokers that specialise in hospitality and have proven risk management experience.”


  • Mark 2013-03-05 1:49:59 AM
    "As part of the program, the broker will tailor policies to suit the client’s needs and help them understand the fine print on the insurance policy." Isn't that their job in the first place???
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  • TW 2013-03-05 10:27:07 PM
    Mark - I agree....... But always love watching these new schemes...... it will probably be 30% under the market and offer cover like automatic equipment breakdown for $3 with a $2.50 excess..... invariably all the price driven clients flock to it.... then the losses start, then the scheme implodes and everything goes back to normal. That is of course, until the next bright spark starts another scheme!
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  • For the Record 2013-03-06 1:46:29 AM
    C'mon we know it..This is a 'One size fit All' scheme.
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