Emergency warning as bushfire hits Western Australia

Emergency warning as bushfire hits Western Australia | Insurance Business Australia

Emergency warning as bushfire hits Western Australia

An emergency warning has been issued in Western Australia (WA) for a bushfire that is threatening homes and residents in York in the Wheatbelt region.

According to Perth Now, an emergency warning has been released for those in the southern part of York, 97km east of Perth, after the blaze was reported before 2pm yesterday. However, the warning was eventually downgraded to a watch and act message.

Meanwhile, a bushfire warning remained in place for those in an area bounded by Aberdare Road, Winthrop Avenue, Smyth Road, Carrington Street, Loch Street, and Railway Road, according to WA Today, which noted that the bushfire has been brought under control but not contained.

The report stated that the recent bushfire is the second heatwave that Perth experienced this summer, with extreme temperatures expected for the next few days (Thursday to reach 39 degrees, Friday and Saturday 40 degrees, and Sunday 37 degrees) before maximum temperatures drop to 34 degrees for two days.

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The bushfires in WA, including the blaze in the southern part of the state early this year, highlighted the vulnerability of Australians to fire and other natural disasters.

A recent QBE Insurance (QBE) survey found that 71% of the respondents do not have a plan for natural disasters hitting their homes, with 37% claiming they do not even need one.

Of the respondents whose homes or property have been damaged by a severe weather event, 37% said hailstorms were the most common cause of damage. However, 28% said they were more concerned about storms, while only 23% were more concerned about bushfires.