Andrew Faber

Andrew Faber

Sales growth of more than 25% in 2012 is just one of Andrew Faber’s most recent work accomplishments, achieved through a “commitment to basic customer service principles”, as opposed to using brash and ​bold marketing or advertising campaigns.

Such impressive results helped to elevate Andrew up the list of Insurance Business magazine’s top 30 Elite Brokers. He describes his ranking as “a huge honour” and, like most brokers whom we interviewed, he reinforces that it’s not an achievement he believes he would have earned on his own.

“MGA’s management and AR structure have allowed me to focus on delivering a service to my clients, which has led to this ranking. This fourth-place result is something that I could never have achieved without a fantastic team, and this is recognition of their hard work and dedication, too,” Faber says.

“The insurance industry provides unlimited opportunities to those with the drive and dedication to succeed. Whilst I am elated to have ‘fallen’ into the industry myself, I hope to be able to contribute to changing the profile of our industry so that the next generation of leaders will actively choose to become insurance professionals.”

“When we set that target to increase sales revenue by 25%, admittedly it was very much a stretch target whereby the primary goal was a 15% increase on 2011’s results. But with a focus on providing excellent service to our existing clients, we actually exceeded 25% growth through new business for existing clients, and by expanding our referral network via the delivery of a quality experience.”

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