Avi Tatarka

Avi Tatarka

Looking after approximately $2.5m worth of business, Avi Tatarka has exceeded his budget by more than 30% for two years running – impressive when you consider that Tatarka is just 28 years old and relatively new to the industry.

Being awarded the 15th position in the inaugural Insurance Business Elite Brokers ranking “means a great deal to me, as I have only been working in the insurance field for three years,” Tatarka says. “And on a personal note, it gives me great pride to be ranked in the same group as my father Ron, who has been awarded first position. He has been a mentor to me and continues to provide me with unstinting support.” 

“My number one priority is to make every customer feel special. That involves getting to know my client personally and professionally, understanding their priorities and their business needs, and providing them with the right product. More than that, it’s about letting them know I am always available to answer any query, follow through any claim and address any concerns.”

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  • Scott Winton Insurance Brokers

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