David Clarke

David Clarke

Aged just 24, David Clarke was recently recognised as OAMPS No.1 Young Broker for 2012, having grown his book from approximately $300,000 to more than $600,000 in three years.

He specialises in the marine, offshore and energy sectors, where he provides advice primarily to subcontractors of major principals.

“I aim to give my clients access to a technical broker that exceeds the level of capability their principals have access to,” he explains.

“Being ranked number seven nationally and being recognised by Insurance Business, an industry leading publication, means a lot to me from a personal perspective, and adds weight and kudos to my experience and client proposition.” 

Clarke is also committed to the WA rock lobster industry as an insurance provider, with his branch of OAMPS representing nearly 80% of the entire industry, from boats, processors and wholesalers to traders and repairers.

“I’m proud of the fact that I’ve been able to develop my oil and gas industry expertise to the extent that I am well regarded amongst the ROV [remotely operated vehicle] community, and other subsea and offshore subcontractors, as a leading expert in the space,” Clarke says.


“Insurance brokers are problem solvers by nature, and we are experts, trusted advisors and business partners, but we are often perceived as a sales force or misinterpreted as the ‘insurer’. I ensure that every client interaction with me is one that redefines how we are perceived and what we can do so that I continue to build a loyal client group that are the first to experience what I consider to be the future of professional broking.”

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