2 Russell Bresland

2 Russell Bresland

2 Russell Bresland
Bresland Consultants Pty Ltd (AR for Insurance Advisernet Australia)

With over four decades of industry experience, WA’s Russell Bresland is at number two. 

Bresland has a substantial portfolio of not-for-profit organisations, and seems to have found himself on various award nomination lists in recent times.

It’s hard to believe his career in insurance almost came to an end eight years ago. “I used to own a broking firm, and I sold it in 2007 and was going to retire,” he tells Insurance Business. “After three years, I got so many complaints from the old clients that we decided to come back … and it’s just become an absolute success story.”

Bresland estimates about 60% of his old clients returned, and says the business has since gone from strength to strength. “But purely because of service, I think,” he adds. “Our clients have come to expect a very high standard.”

On the growth of his business, Bresland says, “It’s grown exponentially. And where does it come from? Word of mouth. We don’t advertise. It’s just referral, referral, referral.”

On what’s ahead, Bresland says, “We’re very proactive. We want to keep growing. There’re a million opportunities out in the marketplace. There is nothing to stop us growing by the same amount that we did last year next year. The only thing that stops you growing is yourself.”

Russel Bresland's Secrets for Success

“If you’ve got the right service and the right knowledge, the clients will remain with you for many years.”

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  • Bresland Consultants Pty Ltd
  • 3/38 Mason Street Cannington WA 6107

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