6 Peter Chamberlain

6 Peter Chamberlain

6 Peter Chamberlain

Tate Harris isn’t the only member of allinsure to make his debut in the Top 10. Sixth place belongs to his boss, Peter Chamberlain.

Chamberlain’s appearance at number six is just one of many accolades he and his team have received in recent years. Last year, allinsure was seventh in Insurance Business’s Top 10 brokerage survey.

And he’s hoping to make the business even bigger and better. “That’s where we’re aiming at the moment,” he tells Insurance Business. “A couple more staff are joining us within the next six weeks, which is good, and we’re hoping to increase and expand from where we’re at.”

Reflecting on highlights of recent times, Chamberlain singles out the changing focus of the office, going from a product pusher to placing a total emphasis on risk management and providing advice. “We’d always tried to push ourselves on personalised service, etc., but [our change in philosophy involved] really taking the focus 100% away from products and directly into that risk management and advice side of things and, to be honest, rarely using a product that’s off the shelf.”

He’s keen to see public perception of the insurance industry change. He explains, “We want to be perceived in the same light as the client’s accountant, lawyer, etc., rather than the direct marketer, the call centre operator, the used car sales operator …”

He also wants to steer consumers away from placing too strong an emphasis on price. “The killer for us is having clients understand that not all products are the same. Just because it says ‘business pack’ or ‘public liability’ doesn’t mean it gives you the same coverage as a policy offered by the next company.”

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