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Arthur J Gallagher is the world’s fourth largest insurance brok-ing and risk management company, which has had a presence in Australia for over three decades. Across Australia and New Zea-land, AJG employs over 2,500 staff . 2015 was especially busy for Andrew Godden and Arthur J Gallagher’s Australian team because of the integration of OAMPS Insurance Brokers, Blue Broking and Blue Insolvency, Parmia Insurance and Instrat Insurance Brokers into the business. In 2016, Arthur J Gallagher in Australia is looking to grow. Godden, speaking to Insurance Business late in 2015, indi-cated the company would be one to watch in the year ahead. He also said that, despite the fact of AJG having been in Australia for some time, it was fair to say they’re now only just getting started. In Godden’s words, “I believe we’ll really start to punch above our weight in the coming year”. As the year progresses, just how signifi cant a level of growth will AJG’s Australian business achieve? 

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  • Arthur J Gallagher
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