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In 2016, An-thony Day and his team are focusing on the customer ex-perience, examining consumers’ changing buying habits and how those can be best addressed. How will the insights gained from that focus be translated into action, benefi tting brokers and their clients? Much of the focus on Suncorp this year will be on new Group CEO, Michael Cameron, but Day and his commercial insurance team will still attract considerable attention, in their eff orts to assist the Group to fulfi l its commit-ment to meet or beat an underlying ITR of 12%. Day is also the newest appointment to the ICA’s Board of Directors, and his three decades of industry experience should make him an enormously valuable contributor to Board dis-cussions. 

Keep an eye out in March when Day and Suncorp’s Vero brand will launch the 2016 SME Insurance Index Report, which canvasses the attitudes of business owners towards brokers and insurance generally. It represents valuable reading for brokers targeting the SME segment. 

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