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On the eve of the organisation’s 30th anniversary, Mark Searles’ leadership of the recently re-named AUB Group received the strongest endorsement it could, with the announcement of the extension of his contract for a further three years. AUB Group’s retiring director and chairman, Richard Longes, said that Searles had done “an excellent job in leading the company through diffi  cult insurance market conditions, while diversifying operations into New Zealand, Risk Services and achieving increased growth in the underwriting agency business.” For Searles and AUB, the near future isn’t about Asia. It’s about becoming a total risk solutions pro-vider. The latest outward evidence of execution of its diversifi cation strategy came recently when the group’s equity partner, Altius Group, acquired the Queensland-based CIM Group. AUB Group’s presence across the Tasman also continues to grow. In December, it acquired Runacres and Associates, one of the country’s largest brokers, meaning the group now represents a total of NZ$550m (A$515.89bn) of GWP and is the third largest broking entity in NZ. Precisely what will be Searles’ and AUB Group’s next move?

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