Managing director and CEO

No Hot List for general insurance in Australia could be complete with-out Robert Kelly. He’s spent close to two decades leading Steadfast and remains one of the industry’s most respected and infl uential leaders. At its AGM in November, Kelly announced that Steadfast was on track to make its FY2016 targets. He affi  rmed the ongoing importance of acquisition opportunities to its growth strategy, but also stressed the importance of organic growth. He described Steadfast as now having a “meaningful presence” in Asia. Kelly says Steadfast will focus on developing a broker network in the region and exploring “the portability of our underwriting agencies and reinsurance broker into the Asian markets”. And if its movements in Asia aren’t enough, there’s also the impact Steadfast is making in the local market care of Steadfast Direct, its competitor to direct insurers. What Kelly continues to accomplish with Steadfast will likely keep the Group in the industry’s headlines.

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