Top 2: Reliance Group

Top 2: Reliance Group

Reliance Group
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What’s your reaction to making the Top 10 Brokerages list in 2014?
Great news! We are delighted to be recognised for the hard work that our broking staff and partners put into building a strong business every day. This also acknowledges the commitment of the Reliance Group team to our expanding client base by providing exceptional service and the right insurance solutions for each of them.
What’s been the highlight of the last year for your business?
The expansion of all aspects of the Reliance Group business, which includes the Australian Reliance and Reliance Partners Network. Australian Reliance has continued its success and strengthened its reputation as one of Australia’s leading corporate brokers, while Reliance Partners, servicing the SME market, has experienced the rapid growth which was forecast in its first year. Our Reliance Partners are local specialists currently found across WA, Qld, Vic, NSW and NT, and we are excited to continue the rapid growth across the country this year into SA, Tas and ACT.
What is one thing you did differently this year, and why?
During the year we were able to move into the growth and acquisition phase of our Reliance Partners business. This has enabled us to provide more resources to the SME market, and ensure local specialists are in place to service the local businesses, providing exceptional service and leveraging the Reliance Group’s brokerage size.
Are there any metrics that you are particularly proud of?
The growth of the Reliance Partners Network in 2013–14 was a key focus. The success to date of the network can be seen through last year’s growth in the number of branches, which was achieved after strategic reviews of our business and the market’s needs.
When it comes to an insurance brokerage, is bigger better, and why?
The Reliance Group is focused on providing personalised service and support for our clients. Utilising the expanding scale of the Reliance Group and our team – which includes senior industry experts and local specialists (our Reliance Partners) – collectively we are able to design and deliver the right insurance solution for each of our clients. Supported by our national claims and support teams we believe the Reliance Group provides exceptional service to all clients, regardless of their size, industry or location.
What would you say was the biggest challenge of the last year?
Acquiring relevant businesses in areas that we are not currently established in.
Where do you think growth opportunities lie for brokerages in the years ahead?
I can’t answer on behalf of the industry, but I do believe that growth comes from being connected and relevant to the insurance buyer, which requires an understanding of their business and needs.
What is one thing you will do differently in the next year and why?
The Reliance Group will continue to maintain the high standards we have set to complement our vision and achieve our strategic and operational goals. We will continue to refine our identification and selection process for new Reliance Partners and ensure that new partnerships complement our services and allow us to provide better solutions for our clients. We will also continue to build our niche areas, which include mining, energy, construction, marine and professional risk.


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