3. Victor Dabrowski, Securitex Financial Services

3. Victor Dabrowski, Securitex Financial Services


Another regular fixture on Insurance Business’ Elite Brokers list, Victor Dabrowski is the director of Securitex Financial Services in South Australia. “We are mainly focused on the SME clients for Buspacks & ISR, but we also receive referrals from these clients to their family and friends,” he says.

Dabrowski attributes his success as a broker to “giving great advice, options, a very high level of service and meeting clients face-to-face to discuss their requirements”.

“Answer the phone – there’s a client or referral on the other end wanting to do business with you”

In recent times, Dabrowski has mentored new ARs in the business, and seeing them grow and gain confidence in dealing with clients has been one of the highlights of his year. However, he admits it has been a challenge to devote his time to new ARs while balancing the servicing and advice he provides to existing clients.

Dabrowski’s advice to other brokers is simple: “Answer the phone,” he says. “There’s a client or referral on the other end wanting to do business with you … [Also], where possible, have face-to-face interaction with clients and referrals.”

So, what’s ahead for Dabrowski?

“As I am approaching 62 years of age this year,” he says, “I would like to lessen my load in the business and get the new ARs to step up and start taking over the workload to allow me to only deal and network with my A-class clients.”

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