Do you think the market is now hardening?
Clive Levinthal:
“Yes, it appears to be hardening for professional indemnity, business insurance and income protection insurance.”

The team at Sydney-headquartered Experien Insurance Services is excited to be ranked in the Top 10 once again, says CEO Clive Levinthal.

“It was fantastic to be named in 2016 and even better to achieve it two years in a row,” he tells Insurance Business. “It shows we are consistent and have a sustainable, unique and leading value proposition.”

Experien is a national business specialising in the medical sector, including doctors and dentists.

“Medical professionals have very unique needs and we have spent over 10 years learning to understand these and develop appropriate services and solutions for them,” Levinthal says.

“We also understand the unique characteristics of the many subsectors of each medical sector and the resulting insurance needs. The risks we place include medical indemnity insurance, business insurance and life and income protection insurance.”

Levinthal talks about the highlights for Experien over the past 12 months.

“Doctors and dentists now realise the value of using a broker like us for their professional indemnity (medical malpractice) insurance,” he says. “We are seeing an enhanced understanding and appreciation of the benefits of not dealing directly with an insurer or association and rather using a broker for this category of insurance.

We like to think we are leading the market in this regard.”

Levinthal believes what sets Experien apart is a combination of focus and culture.

“Our focus is laser-like on the medical sector, and our culture is based on teamwork, exceptional customer service and a passion for understanding and supporting medical professionals,” he says.

“The combination is proving to be successful.”

So, how does Levinthal think a brokerage gets the very best out its people?

“It’s all to do with culture and leading by example,” he says. “For us, the culture starts with teamwork. We are passionate about encouraging and rewarding teamwork, as opposed to individualism.”

And is it important for brokers today to be embracing new technology?

“Absolutely, and wherever possible,” he says. “But a personal touch will always be needed in the sector we operate in.”

Levinthal talks about times to come for Experien.

“We work exclusively with Vero with our dental professional indemnity product and are continually investing in the product and services and plan to continue this investment in the year ahead,” he says.

Experien is an organisation that also strives to be an excellent corporate citizen and contribute to both the local community and the client segment it supports. It’s proactive in bringing new brokers into the market and training staff members who have no prior broking or insurance experience.

“Our culture is based on teamwork, exceptional customer service and a passion for understanding and supporting medical professionals. The combination is proving to be successful”

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