McLardy McShane Group makes a conscious effort to involve its staff in its transparent strategy and tries to reward them as much as possible for their positive contributions to the brokerage’s progress.

“We think the way to get the very best out of your people is to treat them with respect, recognise they have families and issues to deal with like everyone else, and involve them in the strategic direction of the group,” says group CEO Don McLardy.

This approach appears to have yielded impressive results for the brokerage; McLardy McShane Group continues to flourish each year, currently encompassing more than 150 people and 15 branches across metro and regional areas nationally.

During this period of rapid growth, McLardy says the biggest challenge has been maintaining the company’s distinctive culture and values – but he remains confi - dent the brokerage can tackle the challenge as it arises.

Looking to the year ahead, he predicts that “2020 will see us continue to deliver integrated, innovative insurance services and drive a culture that supports giving back, improving the lives of others and seeing positive change in action – as well as having lots of fun along the way”.