Kate Fairley

Kate Fairley

Senior insurance broker/Branch manager

Kate Fairley is a name with which many in insurance will already be familiar. Fairley is the creator/author of the ‘Get informed’ webpage and suite of products, specifically designed to assist brokers in engaging on a more positive level with clients and finding a more meaningful and effective way to converse with consumers about a variety of issues. She’s now joined the team at Simplex Insurance Solutions, and is charged with leading Simplex’s Kyneton office. She has primary responsibility for the growth of the Kyneton book of business. Since commencing, Fairley has grown that book of business and fostered positive relationships in a regional area which, according to her colleagues, has very much been driven by a ‘who you know’ culture. Fairley’s colleagues describe her as exuding passion and say she’s been instrumental in arranging a number of educational workshops and seminars. Fairley is determined to educate others and ensure consumers receive the best advice available.

Company Information

  • Simplex Insurance Solutions
  • 208 Skipton Street, Ballarat VIC 3350, Australia

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