Carla Taylor, Business development manager, Vero

Carla Taylor, Business development manager, Vero

Business development manager

There’s an old saying that no one chooses to work in insurance – you fall into it. But Carla Taylor is defying that stereotype, thanks to her passion for changing the public’s perceptions about the industry. As a business development manager for one of Australia’s leading insurers, Taylor’s role is centred on identifying, establishing and building new relationships with brokers, as well as nurturing and supporting existing ones. She presents Vero’s risk appetite and the wide range of products available to meet the needs of brokers’ clients.

Career growth is a key driver for Taylor; a significant personal achievement was moving out of her comfort zone as a broker to take up a new challenge as a business development manager. This move has allowed her to achieve significant professional growth by viewing challenges and opportunities from both the broker and insurer perspective. Moving forward, Taylor seeks to add value to Vero while also diversifying her skills and progressing into a leadership role.

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  • Vero
  • 10 Shelley Street Sydney NSW 2000

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