Lior Maisner, LMI GROUP

Lior Maisner, LMI GROUP

Claims preparer and loss adjuster


Age: 34

Since joining LMI Group in 2015, Lior Maisner has marked himself as a significant figure in the world of claims. In addition to his insurance expertise, Maisner also boasts knowledge of how a claim might play out in court. He provides advice and support to a broad variety of clients, from householders to top ASX 200 companies, enabling them to develop reasonable expectations and plan their recovery from potential loss.

Maisner believes embracing education is key for young professionals. “Experience will come with time, but in a toughening market where training is costly to employers, increasing your qualifications will not only position you best for that next big opportunity, but make you a more effective future leader for our industry,” he says.