Staying on top of workers comp

Jason Allison of GIO talks about how a focus on real time data can help brokers and customers minimise workers compensation claims.

Video transcript below:

Jason Allison, Chief Workers Compensation Portfolio and Underwriting, GIO
Jason Allison:
 So some of the challenges faced dealing with workers compensation is around large employers who have complexity in their workplace around understanding what’s happening in all of their sites, for example and what’s happening with their workers compensation claims and how they are dealing with people across all of their sites, it’s important to have good information to help them identify areas of risk.

Reporter:  The challenges of staying on top of workers compensation claims can be overcome by a focus on real time data according to Jason Allison of GIO.

Jason Allison:  The on demand tool was built as the name suggests to provide an online recording system for our customers and for our brokers.  The value of the on demand tool is its ability for brokers and customers to identify risks and certain trends that may be appearing in their workers compensation claims.  They are able to drill down and look at those and to see where they might be deriving from, such as that the injury type or body part or location for examples.

Reporter:  Allison says that brokers will be more prepared to help customers with their claims, but the wider impact will be on workplace safety.

Jason Allison:  It prepares brokers for, if they are meeting with their customers, they can use the on demand tool to research their customer’s claims experience and to help get any insight, to draw any insights, based on the daily data that’s coming out of the system and they can go and have value add conversations with their customer and direct them in the right direction around any potential risk exposures that they might have that can be impacting on their claims and subsequently on their premiums. 

The wider impact of on demand is that it provides timely and accurate information and there is no substitute for that and that can used to help improve workplaces, workplace safety and ultimately protection of workers and that leads on to improvement in safety and savings in premiums for customers.