The perfect match – getting recruitment right in a competitive market

With insurance recruitment more competitive than ever before, both candidates and companies must make the most of every opportunity. This week on Insurance Business TV Ivan Micallef of Talent Web Recruitment gives us some insider tips on how insurance professionals and potential employers, can ensure a successful recruitment process.


Video transcript below:

Anna Temple, Insurance Business Online
Anna Temple:  With insurance recruitment more competitive than ever before both candidates and companies must make the most of every opportunity.  Ivan Micallef from Talent Web Recruitment gives us some insider tips on how Insurance Professionals and potential employers can ensure a successful recruitment process.
Ivan Micallef, Talent Web Recruitment
Ivan Micallef:  Companies are becoming much more careful before they hire really, the people who are going to be successful the ones you know are diverse in the sense that they can sort of talk to all there is in their business.  The keys skills are that soft skill area, people understanding the needs of the business and also understanding the needs of IT as well, you know the way these two areas communicate and their relationship seems to be Achilles heel of an organisation.  So people who can go in and talk to the risk and compliance people, people can understand you know their products and people who can talk to legal as well as liaise sort of IT and the business are the ones who, you know ultimately be really successful, successful moving forward.
Anna Temple:   According to Micallef, the most successful candidates will be experienced engaging problem solvers but a little pre-interview preparation never goes amiss. 
Ivan Micallef:  I think it’s important to sort of get your pre-interview preparation all sorted right, like you know if you are going via an agency or you are doing it yourself, I think studying a lot about the company and by studying a lot about the company doesn’t mean going to the About Us page on their website and sort of you know scanning 4 or 5 minutes, dig a little bit deeper, you know try and find out what the challenges of the business really are and I guess the fact, you know, the people who do well at interviews are the ones who can solve problems.  So you know when someone is asking you a question based on your experience, you need to be going back and giving them the information as to where and when you had that experience before.  You know so if you are ever asked a question like, can you tell about a little bit about a challenge you are facing, never speak about what you have done or what you will do in the future, always speak about what project and what experience you had or what company in the past.  And I think that the people I see who are most  successful are the ones that are ultra-engaging in an interview, they have eye to eye communication because you know communication is 90% not verbal right, so it’s your body language and it’s your presence and it’s that sort of feeling you can create in a room.
Anna Temple:  Micallef also states how important it is for companies to be transparent and communicative as well as positioning themselves as desirable employers.
Ivan Micallef:  Organisations need to understand these days that you know Insurance Professionals are going for 4 or 5 jobs simultaneously these days.  You know you really need to come up with firm strategies as how you are going to sell your role, how you are going to sell the organisation and really why someone would want to come and work for you and often we see organisation just for a little shy of that mark and it sort of, it puts a lot of questions or doubts in the candidate’s mind.  One of the key areas of improvement is in that actual recruitment process. You know, I think it’s really important that you are open and you are transparent and you lay all the cards out on the table early. You know often organisations don’t do that and all that sort of non-verbal communication really sort of penetrates the candidate.
Anna Temple:  This is Anna temple reporting for Insurance Business Online.