The important conversation we should have about motherhood and work

The important conversation we should have about motherhood and work | Insurance Business

The important conversation we should have about motherhood and work

Women should be more honest about the realities of juggling work and family, according to insurance exec Tiana Luvale from CGU.

Luvale, who is currently working as state manager of broker solutions QLD for CGU Insurance said that she’s looking forward to changing perceptions of parenthood and career in the world of insurance.

“I would like to think that I’ve helped to change perceptions of what it is to be a professional working mother by being honest with my experiences and presenting the daily challenges in an unvarnished light” said Luvale.

She told Insurance Business that a big part of her success has come from balancing her professional career aspirations with the responsibilities of being a mum of two boys.

“We still don’t hear enough from women in our industry who have reached career pinnacles whilst also raising a family” she said.

“The vision of a successful female is still one of somebody who has chosen not to pursue parenthood and that’s not an encouraging image for an aspiring future leader. That’s definitely the vision I grew up with and I’m determined to see that change” Luvale said.

“I want to hear more voices and stories from successful women with families, who speak honestly about the reality of what the struggle and juggle looks and feels like along their journey” said Luvale.

Luvale emphasised the importance of leaders ‘walking the talk’ by embracing flexible work practices themselves.

“When future leaders see these examples they can see that career success is possible as it runs parallel to domestic life, with a realistic vision of what this looks like”.

Flexible work practices, including part time and remote working are being embraced by many forward-thinking employers in the insurance industry, including IAG.

 “Our world is changing, and through the use of technology the ability to lead virtual teams will be a necessary requirement” said Luvale.