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Compare 83 products offered for Inland Marine Insurance from 43 companies including Unica Insurance Inc, AIG Insurance Company of Canada, and Special Risk Insurance Managers.

Our Insurance Comparison Tool allows you to pick the Inland Marine policy that's right for you by comparing every plan offered by Canada's leading insurance providers. The Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of the page can help you learn more about this coverage area.

Compare Inland Marine Insurance Policies

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Product name Max Coverage Min Premium Exclusions
Inland Marine by STARR Companies Max Coverage CA$100M Min Premium N/A

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Inland Marine by AM Fredericks Underwriting Management Max Coverage CA$4M Min Premium N/A

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Inland Marine by AIG Insurance Company of Canada Max Coverage CA$15M Min Premium N/A

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Inland Marine by Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Max Coverage CA$50M Min Premium CA$10K
  • automobiles
  • combines / harvesters
  • crane only schedules
  • draglines / tunnel borers
  • furrier's block
  • high rise construction
  • high value goods
  • highly engineered risks
  • highly protected risks
  • highly specialized equipment
  • jeweler's block
  • livestock / animal floaters
  • logging equipment
  • moving and storage
  • pipe / power line transmission
  • refrigerated and frozen goods
  • residential contractors
  • roofing contractors
  • specialized lifts, ie tandem, copter or waterborne
  • underground equipment
  • underwater equipment

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Property Floater Coverage - Inland Marine by AXA XL Max Coverage N/A Min Premium US$5K

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Inland Marine by Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty Max Coverage N/A Min Premium N/A

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Inland Marine by Everest Insurance Company of Canada Max Coverage CA$30M Min Premium N/A

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Property - Inland Marine by AXA XL Max Coverage N/A Min Premium US$5K

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Contractor's Equipment - Inland Marine by AXA XL Max Coverage N/A Min Premium US$10K

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Builder's Risk - Inland Marine by AXA XL Max Coverage US$100M Min Premium US$10K

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is Inland Marine Insurance?

Inland Marine insurance is a type of property insurance specifically designed to cover movable types of property in transit over rivers and land. The insured property is typically one of the following:
  • property in transit
  • property held by a bailee
  • property at a fixed location that is an instrument of transportation
  • a movable type of goods held at different locations

Inland Marine insurance is designed to protect against any loss, theft or damage caused to the property during the course of its journey. Grown out of Ocean Marine insurance, Inland Marine insurance policies are sometimes called ‘floater’ policies as the property covered is not at a fixed location.

Who Needs Inland Marine Insurance?

Any business that frequently transports materials, products and equipment requires Inland Marine insurance. Typical property insured by Inland Marine include:
  • electrical equipment (including computers, laptops and servers)
  • communications and networking equipment
  • building materials (construction and contracting equipment)
  • medical and scientific equipment
  • photography equipment
  • valuables and artefacts for exhibitions
  • mobile equipment
  • warehouse equipment
  • cargo
  • personal property (as ‘Personal Inland Marine’)
  • accounts receivable
  • transportation equipment

What Does Inland Marine Insurance Cover?

Inland Marine Insurance offers protection for business assets that are moveable or involved in transport or the transfer of information. Areas covered by Inland Marine insurance include:
  • value of property
  • legal costs resulting from damage to property

When choosing an Inland Marine insurance policy it is possible to choose between a named peril coverage or an all-risk coverage. All-risk policies usually cover perils such as fire, windstorms, other natural disasters, collisions and theft.

What Is Not Included In Inland Marine Insurance?

Depending on the nature of the Inland Marine insurance policy may depend on what is included as part of the package. Whilst there are all-risk types of product available there are certain types of peril that are excluded from most policies. They include:
  • war and terrorism
  • natural wear and tear
  • contraband or illegal goods
  • nuclear hazards

There are also several types of scenario affecting shipments which may not be covered by non-extensive Inland Marine insurance products, such as:

  • items not yet shipped
  • items damaged after being shipped
  • items intentionally damaged
  • the vehicle transporting the goods
  • cargo during ocean transportation (an separate Ocean Marine insurance policy will be required)

How Much Does Inland Marine Insurance Cost?

The cost of an Inland Marine Insurance policy varies from company to company, and depends on the size of the business, how much protection is required and if the state has requirements or limits that must be met.

Other things to consider include nature of the company shipping, what is shipped and any other variables. The best way to estimate the cost of Inland Marine insurance is to get a quote.