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What Is Kidnap And Ransom Insurance?

Kidnap and Ransom insurance (or K&R insurance) is coverage for individuals and organizations who face potential security risks either during the course of their employment or regular lives. Threats such as kidnapping, extortion, theft, tampering and destruction are made against many types of business or high profile individual.


Kidnap and Ransom insurance not only covers these extreme types of risk but can also provide risk management services to companies aiding them to face their legal duty in exercising reasonable care in providing a safe workplace.

Who Is Kidnap And Ransom Insurance For?

While businesses and organizations are frequent targets for extortion, there are several specific sectors which are more prone or vulnerable to security threats. The same applies to certain types of individual who find that they are more likely to become a target due to their status or background. Some of these examples include:
  • Large businesses and organizations: companies of high value, have international offices or have business travel arrangements for employees are susceptible to threats of kidnap, bribery or violence
  • Academic institutions: schools and universities, including those with study abroad programs, may face certain security threats including the destruction of buildings or on-campus violence
  • High profile individuals: celebrities, actors, musicians, sports stars and politicians face security risks suck as threats of kidnapping, assaults, disappearances and bribery to them as well as their families
  • Healthcare organizations: hospitals and clinics are likely targets for sabotage and child abduction
  • Travel operators: bus stations, train stations and airports can face risks of kidnapped passengers and staff or hostage situations
  • Places of worship: religious leaders and groups could face threats and assault when travelling or attending religious buildings

What Does Kidnap And Ransom Insurance Cover?

Kidnap and Random insurance can be quite expansive as there are many ways in which someone may commit an act of violence or corruption. Some of the extreme situations covered by Kidnap and Ransom insurance include:

  • threats to kill or injure
  • kidnaps for ransom
  • ransom monies
  • extortion
  • hijacks
  • child abductions
  • hostage situations
  • unlawful incarcerations by foreign governments
  • security related evacuations
  • disappearance of insured persons
  • individuals or organizations declared persona non grata
  • accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D)
  • judgments and legal liabilities
  • additional expenses for medical care, relocations, etc

What Is Not Included In Kidnap And Ransom Insurance?

Despite the specific nature of Kidnap and Ransom insurance, there are certain exclusions which appear on most related policies, including:
  • dishonest or illegal acts by insured
  • surrender of property inside the premises unless first brought inside after receipt of the ransom demand
  • surrender of property outside the premises as a result of a threat to do bodily harm to a person in possession of property

Are There Problems With Kidnap And Ransom Insurance?

As Kidnap and Ransom insurance is a very sensitive issue there are several complications regarding quoting prices as well as assessing claims. As insurance claims can result in high payouts, there have been incidents of staged kidnappings and staged bribes in acts of fraud. This can be due to a company trying to protect their assets or even collaborating with a kidnapper.

How Much Does Kidnap And Ransom Insurance Cost?

Due to the sensitive nature of Kidnap and Ransom insurance, insurance companies are reluctant to provide standard quotes of coverage limits in order to deter acts of fraud as well as discouraging acts of kidnapping where the assailant knows the target is insured.

Things to consider when insurance companies assess the value of an organization or individual include the value of business assets, personal wealth, recovery costs and any potential medical or reparation costs.