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What can be done to recruit and engage the best and brightest of the younger generations?
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    On a slightly different tack, back in the '60's I, and a number of my compatriots in auto underwriting, decided to take up a company's invitation for seasoned recruits, more of joke on our part than a real opportunity to leave our jobs and we called on the company at noon. The employment application consisted of 50 questions, and 48 correct answers were required. The 49th question was "Is the moon made of green cheese"? My answer was an emphatic "No". The last question was "Does time fly"? Again, I answered "No", for the reason that time moves at one constant rate. I was wrong on both counts.

    Regarding the physical make-up of the moon, it could not be proved that the moon was not made of green cheese - remember, this was the '60's. Time flying? I still don't believe so, Einstein's theories notwithstanding. So only 48 out of 50? I didn't want the job anyway.

    We laughed our heads off all the way back to our office.
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