Aviva launches Enterprise

by Aviva

Aviva launches Enterprise

March 5, 2018 (Toronto, Ontario) – As businesses grow, change, and evolve over time, so should their insurance. This belief is at the core of Aviva Enterprise, the new commercial solution by Aviva Canada. Aviva Enterprise not only responds to business changes and market trends, it also offers flexibility to customize a policy for any business, in any segment. More importantly, it reflects customer expectations that their insurance solution should adjust to their business needs.

Examples of industry-specific offerings that are customizable with Aviva Enterprise include:

  • automotive,
  • builders’ risk and contractors,
  • business and professional services,
  • education and organizations,
  • hospitality and lodging,
  • manufacturing and wholesaling,
  • realty,
  • retail, and
  • transportation and logistics.

In the past, multiple policies were required if businesses had different locations with varying operations. Now, all operations are included on one property and casualty policy, which easily allows brokers to offer limits and extensions for different segments.

“Every business is different, so why have the same insurance product? Aviva has developed a new business insurance product that keeps moving you forward,” says Mazdak Moini, Vice President, Commercial Lines & Reinsurance, Aviva Canada. “We’re pleased to offer our brokers a progressive product that better serves the needs of customers by anticipating their current needs, and being ready to respond to the evolving nature of businesses. That’s what the new Aviva Enterprise solution delivers.”

The property coverage has also broadened with new progressive offerings to include:

  • enhancements to building, equipment and premises,
  • renewable energy equipment and sewers, utilities and equipment above and below ground to the property lines,
  • expanding the liability territory to worldwide, and
  • mental injury.

In addition, the policy language is transparent, and provides clarity of the coverage included. This simplified policy language will allow brokers to explain coverages and limits to their customers with ease.

“Aviva Enterprise is yet another example of the great propositions that Aviva is bringing to market in order to provide the best commercial coverage successful businesses need,” says Phil Gibson, Chief Underwriting Officer, Aviva Canada. “Our commercial brokers and customers can look forward to more innovative and nimble solutions for their business in the future as Aviva continues to develop ways to reduce uncertainty for our customers."

“Finally, a commercial product that makes it easy to ensure our business clients not only get the coverage they need based on their industry, but also allows for added customization based on their business needs,” comments Matthieu Séguin, Director of Business Services, Lareau Insurance Brokers, who was part of the pilot program. “When it comes to understanding coverage, the simplified Aviva Enterprise policy removes all the guesswork and is easy to follow.”

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