IBAO reveals its sponsor partners for 2021

IBAO reveals its sponsor partners for 2021 | Insurance Business

IBAO reveals its sponsor partners for 2021

The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) has unveiled this year’s annual sponsors, which have pledged their full support for the association’s various broker and consumer-centric initiatives.

Aside from providing support to IBAO’s key initiatives, the sponsor partners will also provide funding to bolster the association’s capabilities.

“The pandemic has tested our industry and created a host of issues never before seen,” said IBAO CEO Colin Simpson. “Through our relationships with our sponsors we’ve been able to collaborate on finding solutions to problems as they arise, to the benefit of consumers and brokers.”

Simpson added that while the pandemic has yet to end, and that it would continue to have a knock-on effect on the industry for years to come, IBAO appreciates the strong ties it maintains with its partner sponsors.

IBAO’s list of sponsors for 2021 – in order of sponsorship tier – are:





  • BMO Bank of Montreal
  • Echelon Insurance
  • Pembridge Insurance Company
  • SGI Canada


IBAO noted that the most notable change for this year’s line-up was CAA Insurance, which has gone from a Silver-level sponsor to the highest level, Magenta.

“Our relationship with the IBAO and the brokers they represent has never been more important,” said CAA Insurance group president Matthew Turack. “Brokers have done so much for consumers during this time and that’s why we felt it was important to further invest in this channel.”

“The past year might have shifted some of the specifics of what the association is working on, but our priority remains the same: doing what’s best for consumers,” commented IBAO president Joseph Carnevale. “By supporting the IBAO, our sponsors are empowering us to accomplish the big things that individual brokerages can’t achieve on their own—and this year has required a lot of big solutions.”