Aviva and RDA offer landlord insurance coverage online

Aviva and RDA offer landlord insurance coverage online | Insurance Business

Aviva and RDA offer landlord insurance coverage online
Aviva Canada, in collaboration with RDA Insurance, announced yesterday the launch of a program that would offer cost-effective insurance coverage for landlords that use Casalova—an online platform that streamlines the rental process for both tenants and landlords by matching the former group with the latter’s listings.

Called Casalova Landlord Protect, the program provides protection of up to $50,000 in unpaid rent and up to $50,000 for property damage caused by tenants. The coverage is offered to eligible landlords who secure tenants through Casalova.

“Casalova.com is a great digital platform, offering simplicity and ease-of-use to both landlords and tenants,” said Aviva Canada Assistant Vice-President of Specialty Warranty Martin Campbell. “As customers are increasingly looking to self-serve, digital platforms like Casalova are a perfect fit for Aviva Canada and RDA Insurance.”

“There is an insurance gap where landlord coverage is concerned, and Landlord Protect which covers unpaid rent and property damage fills that gap,” remarked RDA Insurance Inc. vice-president Robert Chiarantano. “This partnership allows us to continue offering innovative and unique solutions for landlords.”

“We understand the market for landlords and know the risks they face when renting out their properties,” commented Casalova CEO and co-founder Ray Taaeb. “With Landlord Protect, landlords can now use Casalova’s services knowing they are well-protected.”

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