Aviva unveils new Digital Garage office space

Aviva unveils new Digital Garage office space | Insurance Business

Aviva unveils new Digital Garage office space
Aviva Canada recently unveiled its newly-opened office space in Toronto, which boasts tech functionality and a hip style to boot.

Called a “Digital Garage”, the space features a combination of workstations, soft seating of various casual styles, and bright colors. The Garage was put together with the company’s young tech specialists, creative designers and commercial teams in mind.

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Previously, the company had opened similar spaces in London and Singapore.

The new space, located on the 49th floor of the First Canadian Place building in Toronto’s financial district, was formerly occupied by a law office. Aviva worked with design firm figure3 to create a work environment that is fun, yet functional. Notably, it is the only space of its kind in First Canadian Place.

“As soon as we started talking about opening one in Toronto, I saw the opportunity to be creative with a place in the financial centre,” Aviva Canada chief information officer Ben Isotta-Riches told The Globe and Mail. “We’d already taken another floor in First Canadian Place, so it seemed logical to be here.”

Isotta-Riches also believes the new space will help Aviva attract and retain young professionals.

“We realized we’re competing for talent with the brick-and-beam offices to the west on King Street, which is becoming Toronto’s Silicon Valley. It became an interesting challenge to turn a corporate environment into a cool workspace for the kind of talent we want to attract,” he said.

The company is looking to draw new hires that could bring the Digital Garage’s residence to as many as 135 from its current 70.

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