CSIO's online continuing education program supports over 2,200 brokers

CSIO's online continuing education program supports over 2,200 brokers | Insurance Business


Despite the COVID-19 pandemic restricting most of the insurance industry to remote work conditions, the Centre for Study of Insurance Operations’ (CSIO) has revealed that its online-based continuing education program has been quite successful.

The association said that, through its online learning series, more than 2,200 insurance brokers have participated in webinars and eLearning courses. Many brokers were facing difficulties in completing their continuing education requirements due to cancelled or rescheduled broker conferences and in-class courses. To remedy this issue, CSIO has hosted over 20 webinars for brokers over the past four months.

CSIO’s webinars are focused on topics related to adopting digital solutions, such as eSlips, eSignatures, and document delivery. The webinars and courses are offered free to members of provincial broker associations.

Following the success of its webinars, CSIO also announced that its latest eLearning course will be about ransomware, and how brokers can protect themselves from the growing risk. Led by Trend Micro vice-president of infrastructure strategies Bill Malik, the course will feature a broker case study and guidelines on how to spot common scams and the latest frauds. The course will also present issues for brokers to consider when securing a home network.

This addition brings CSIO’s Digital Broker eLearning Program to eight accredited on-demand courses.