Duuo launches gig insurance product with HeyBryan

Duuo launches gig insurance product with HeyBryan | Insurance Business Canada

Duuo launches gig insurance product with HeyBryan

Duuo is launching a new gig insurance product, together with partner HeyBryan – an on-demand platform that connects customers who need help with DIY home maintenance workers and experts offering their domestic repair and renovation services.

The gig insurance product was developed by Duuo after it recognized a coverage gap in the market. Together with insurtech partner Slice Labs, Duuo designed a gig insurance product to meet the needs of nearly 1.7 million Canadians participating in the gig economy.

“We’re thrilled to be the first home maintenance mobile marketplace in Canada to offer daily task insurance options for our gig experts,” said HeyBryan CEO Lance Montgomery. “It offers extra protections for HeyBryan experts as well as peace of mind for customers knowing their expert is fully insured for all work performed at their home.”

“When searching for a partner to launch Duuo Gig Insurance, HeyBryan’s dedication to providing Canadian gig workers with an effective, innovative platform inspired us,” commented Duuo managing director Robin Shufelt. “We want to work with platforms like HeyBryan to provide them with the tools they need to protect their workers.”

Duuo also announced that HeyBryan is just the first of many other gig economy platforms it will be partnering with, and that the company is eager to collaborate with other specialty platforms.